Aromatheraphy Inhaler

Relieves symptoms associated with allergies, colds, and the flu.

A proprietary blend of 8 essential oil extracts from plant and flower families of Zingiberaceae, Genera origanum, Lamiaceae, Rutaceae genera, Salvia officinalis, Labiatae, and Lauraceae known to kill bacteria and viruses.

The essentials oils in the essential oils used have had studies shown to help aid and relief with:

• Normalizing blood pressure
• Anti-depressant, mood lifter
• Asthma
• Decongestant for cold, sinus and flu
• Stimulation of the immune system

Directions: For maximum strenght, close one nostril, hold the inhaler to the other nostrill and inhale deeply. Repeat in the other nostrill. To avoid spread of infection, each inhaler should be used by only one person. Use as needed.

Case Studies

Case Study 1 - Female 41 years of age, with a compromised immune system: begin having symptoms, light continuous dry coughing, diaherra, soreness of body. On August 19th; beginning using the inhaler which gave relief to the dry coughing, along with drinking tea with essentials oils. She continued using the same method for the next 5 days symptoms receded.

Case Study 2 - Case 2 Female 22 years of age  – unable to breath or taste for a few days used the aromatherapy inhaler, after a few minutes of use was able to enjoy her meal with the ability to notice the taste and smell of bbq and soda for drink. .