EO - Essential Oil for Allergies, Cold and Flu Symptoms (5mL.)

essential oils for cold allergies and flu

A proprietary blend of 8 essential oil extracts from plant and flower families of Zingiberaceae, Genera origanum, Lamiaceae, Rutaceae genera, Salvia officinalis, Labiatae, and Lauraceae known to kill bacteria and viruses.

The essentials oils in EO have had studies shown to help aid and relief with:

• Normalizing blood pressure
• Anti-depressant, mood lifter
• Asthma
• Decongestant for cold, sinus and flu
• Stimulation of the immune system

Directions: Place 2 to 3 drops of EO into your hot tea, preferably green tea or chamomile. Drink two to tree times daily. If symptoms still persist stop taking and seek medical help. Not recomended for drinking if pregnant or breastfeeding.

Essential Oils Book

The "Tea to Natural Remedies"

This EBook tells the background, how to use this remarkable product as well as how to stay heathly through the cold and flu seasons. Download the Ebook today and learn how to get relief cold and flu symptoms. Avaliable at the Amazon Book Store

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Case Studies

Case Study 1 - Female 41 years of age, with a compromised immune system begin having symptoms, light continuous dry coughing, diaherra, soreness of body. On August 19, 2021; she beginning using the inhaler which gave relief to the dry coughing, along with drinking tea with essentials oils. She continued using the same method for the next 5 days as symptoms receded.

Case Study 2 - Female 18 years of age, began having symptoms of light continuous dry hard coughing and soreness of body. She began using the EO with chamomile tea, drinking tea 3 times a day. Within the next 5 days symptoms receded.

Case Study 3 - A young man in his late 20's, suffered from hard continous dry caughing, fever, and sorness of the body. His other symptons were lost of smell and taste. He began using the EO with chamomile tea; drinking tea 3 times a day. Within the next 3 to 5 days symptoms receded.

Case Study 4 - A young woman in her early 30's, pulled a muscle in hips working out. She used the EO in a tub of water with epson salt continuously for the next 2 days. Found relief the following day, but continued using the method until fully recovered.