Organic Air Purifer (8oz.)

A organic soy candle that contains a proprietary blend of essential oil extracts from plant and flower families of Zingiberaceae, Genera origanum, Lamiaceae, Rutaceae genera, Salvia officinalis, Labiatae, and Lauraceae known to kill bacteria and viruses. This candle when burned will produce an aroma vapor that will kill bacteria and viruses present in the air of confined living spaces and deliver a pleasant therapeutic scent.

The essentials oils in the Organic Air Purifier also have had studies shown to help aid and relief with:

• Normalizing blood pressure
• Anti-depressant, mood lifter
• Asthma
• Decongestant for cold, sinus and flu
• Stimulation of the immune system
• Insect repellant

Adding a few drops in bath water also aids in the relaxation of score and aching muscles and joints.