Organic Aroma -Therapeutic Soy Candles

The Xcel Nutraceuticals Company and the Natural Connection Company in a joint venture has done extensive research studies on how various plants protect themselves from microorganisms and insects. From the results of these studies we now bring to the general public a proprietary blend of essential oils in combination with organic soy wax to deliver you an all organic candle that naturally kills most common allergens, bacteria, germs and virus while at the same time, giving a pleasant therapeutic scent to confined living spaces.

Do Essential Oils Really Kill Bacteria, Germs, and Viruses?

The answer is, Yes. Studies have shown that certain essential oils kill certain bacteria, germs and viruses. Even the EPA acknowledges the efficacy of essential oils.

Why use the Organic Air Purifier?

Majority of the air disinfectants that are on the market use chemicals that may not be harmful in small quantities, but the over exposure may cause some short-term and long-term side effects. Some of these chemicals may also trigger potential reactions such as rashes, asthma attacks, and headaches.

The Home Essentials Organic Air Purifier while disinfecting the air has no known harmful effects to the human body. Also, the aroma aids in stress relief, and may help soothe headaches and asthma attacks.

Directions for the Use of Candles:

1. Place Candle in open area away from small children.

2. Light all 3 wicks and burn for at least 1 hour, no more than 4 hours.

3. Let candle cool completely before placing lid back on.

Candles contain 8oz of wax

Claim Shell contains 2.75oz of wax

Oil Contains .5oz of essential oil


Organic Air Purifier :


Organic Lavander:


Organic Vanilla :


Organic Egyptian Rose :


"...Monday was the day I used the Organic Air Purifier Candle to relax after a hectic weekend. I had a relaxing afternoon and fell asleep..." -- S. Postell